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Could you Ever (EVER!!) Sell your Wedding Dress?

Posted 18 March 2014 by Preloved

It's the biggest day of your life, and you want to keep the memories forever, so: could you EVER sell your wedding dress? "Yes!" said lots of Preloved members and newlyweds and told us why! [more]

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This Woman bought NOTHING NEW for a Year!

Posted 13 March 2014 by Preloved

Buy NOTHING new for a whole year - that was the challenge Jen Gale and her family set themselves. So twelve months later, find out how the challenge has caused big changes in every area of their lives! [more]

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TV Antique Dealers Share their Secrets

Posted 5 February 2014 by Preloved

Treasure tucked in your attic or lurking in the living room? Invite ITV's Secret Dealers into your home and cash in! We catch up with these expert hunters to quiz them about their own trade secrets... [more]

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Max McMurdo's Reestore Recycling Revolution

Posted 26 November 2013 by Preloved

Chairs re-made from shopping trolleys and desks produced from aeroplane wings are all in a day's work for designer, TV presenter and Dragons Den favourite, Max McMurdo and his business, reestore. We sat him dow on one of his bathtub sofas at his Bedfordshire workshop to find out more about his repurposed furniture made from preloved items. [more]

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The World's WORST LP Covers Ever!

Posted 12 November 2013 by Preloved

Want to see The World's Top Ten Worst LP covers - from Lionel Blair in eye-wateringly tight shorts to 'chicks' in a JCB digger and a chap with a crossbow? check out our hilarious gallery of cringeworthy sleeves that got it so wrong! [more]

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