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Getting a Cat

Posted 24 October 2013 by Preloved

Cute, loveable and fantastic companions, cats come in a wide range of breeds and personalities, so take some time to choose the perfect puss [more]

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Preloved Welcomes Pet Watchdog's Advertising Standards

Posted by Ian Buzer, Managing Director, Preloved

We believe Preloved is a great place to find or rehome a pet and welcome the Pet Advertising Advisory Group's set of minimum standards for websites offering pets for sale. [more]

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Going for Goldfish!

Posted by Preloved

Goldfish are hugely popular pets, but there's more to keeping them happy and healthy than a bowl and water. Find out how to keep your fish in gold medal fitness! [more]

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Advice for Buying Pigs

Posted by Liz Shankland

Journalist and author of the 'Haynes Pig Manual', Liz Shankland, is an expert on pig keeping and smallholding. She gives us some advice on what to consider if you're thinking about buying pigs. [more]

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Happy and Hoppy Rabbits!

Posted by Rae, Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund

The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund works to improve the lives of domestic rabbits in the UK. If you're thinking of buying a rabbit read their guest blog to make sure your bunnies are hoppy! [more]

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